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etoro croatia

A modern social investment network, timely customer support, security and available funds make trading not only reliable but also fun eToro definitely deserves its place among the best!

plus500 reviews

What that Plus500 what makes them different from other brokers is that they have managed to develop a very stable platform that most traders look for. With almost 10 years of experience, it's no surprise that Plus500 has become one of the best services on the market.

admiral markets hr

With the most useful and efficient tools on the market, Admiral Markets is definitely the best choice for beginners. From the economic calendar through various market analyses, you have insight into current and future market trends.

How to choose a Broker?

Security and Reputation

Welcome to broker reviews! The first and basic rule that every broker must satisfy in order to be even considered by our team of experts is security and reputation. Namely, considering that the online market is flooded with all kinds of misinformation and scams, you should be extremely careful when choosing your broker. Considering that with us even brokers with reputation and regulations are subject to regular audits and business checks before their reviews are publicly published, you can be sure that all brokers from our top list are your right and safe choice.

Prices and products

The next no less important item in any broker review is their prices and products. Of course, everyone, whether a professional or a beginner trader, is interested in what kind of products they have access to for how much money. Although all the brokers on our Top List represent the best of the industry, they are not all the same and nuances still exist. Each broker has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the needs of its clients. Some are better for beginners, some for experienced traders. Some specialize in cryptocurrencies, others in stocks. The important thing is that you choose the right one according to your needs along with our reviews.

Types of Accounts

If you have decided on your favorite or are just planning to do so, it is important to know which account to choose. Fortunately, most top brokers offer a variety of account types depending on your experience level. From demo accounts for practice and getting to know the basics of trading, through basic accounts with a small minimum deposit for the cautious, to premium and privileged accounts for true professionals. Read our reviews and find the ideal account for you.

Payments and withdrawals

Payment of money is an integral part of the journey of every future successful trader. Although most brokers today accept more or less all forms of payment, it's always a good idea to check what they have available. However, after you have made your first few successful trades and made your first profits, you are surely interested in the method and duration of the payment of your well-earned funds.

User support

It is always good to have professional help when and if needed. Even the best traders get stuck sometimes, and it's nice to know you can always turn to someone. With our reviews, find out all about the customer support of our best brokers and how you can contact them.


Although all our reviews are detailed and useful to read before you decide on your favorite, sometimes we all want to skip all those checks and analyzes and get to the short conclusion of the whole story because that's where the most important thing is that makes the job a lot easier. Fortunately, each of our reviews, in addition to detailed text, also consists of the most important features of each broker. Read a short overview, find out their advantages and disadvantages, watch the gallery or a short video convinced that you have everything you need for a successful career as an online retailer and take the first positive steps.


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